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I love "old" things especially antique and vintage furniture and any accessory that compliments them.  So it's no wonder that I have an antique shop full of antique furnishings and fine collectibles. 


LVS LLC specializes in American, European and British 19th century and early 20th century



Our store policies are intended to support and help our clients to have a wonderful buying experience as well as to protect our interests and sales.    

Pricing and Discounts:

We do our best to research and evaluate current market prices and price our items accordingly when ever possible.  We welcome discussion and negotiation and will discount when the discount is warranted and we can maintain a resonable profit margin.  We do not publish pricing on our website but will be glad to provide pricing when an email request is received.  

 We do not discount items valued $25.00 or less.

Holds and On Approval:

Items may be placed on a 48 hour hold at no obligation when name, address and phone number information are provided.

On Approvals are not encouraged on larger pieces of furniture or accessories and are not available on collectibles or jewelry.  When an item is taken on approval up to three business days, a guaranty of a valid credit card or check must be given.   If items are not returned by end of business on 3rd day, the items will be considered sold and the purchase process will be completed.    


We do our best to keep our website up-to-date with current  inventory.  However due to the large volume of items there will be items on the website that have been sold as well as many items not listed on the site.  It may be best to call to confirm that a particular item displayed on the website  is still in inventory.   303-834-8177.   


Our preference is to recondition rather than restore with the proper cleaning and waxing.  Customization of any kind is at the discretion of the buyer.  We can provide names of of reputable restorers.  Once an item has been purchased it may be picked up at our shop by the restorer.

We do offer painting services and will add the cost to the overall price of the item.  We use Anne Sloan Chalk Paint or Milk Paint.  


We accept cash, local checks and all major credit cards with a valid drivers license.


Our layaway policy is 50% down payment, and a balance pay off in 60 days.  


All sales are final.  No returns and no refunds.  Exchanges for equal or greater value will be considered.


We will prepare items for delivery and contact a delivery service for pick-up and delivery at buyers request.

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150727 Painted Pot
150801 Plate 1
150801 Statuette
150727 Angels Painted Container
150727 Blue Vases
150727 Ceramic Shoe
150727 Ceramic Baskets
150727 China
150727 Crystal
150727 Silver - Basket - Flowers
150727 Silver
150720 Stained Glass
150720 Copper Pots
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